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Search: Bts Reaction To You Shaking In Fear. What is Bts Reaction To You Shaking In Fear. Likes: 592. Shares: 296.

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Reactions: Jin: You were heading out of the concert with the guys, since Seok-jin didn’t want you to go out alone in the night, he convinced you to leave with him and the guys in the van. You sat in the middle of Jin and Suga. You guys talked for while. Since it was 11pm , your eyelids felt heavy and you eventually fell asleep on Suga’s lap. May I request a yandere vampire bts reaction? To the reader letting other vamps feed on them? Yoongi couldn't sleep. The thought of you in danger haunted him, and you had refused his offer to Ever since you had started staying up late, he wasn't happy. He couldn't sleep without you beside.

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HOSEOK. likes to be held. rests his head on your chest while you play with his hair. talks a mile-a-minute until about 5 minutes before he actually falls asleep. you can almost time it: he's chatty, chatty, chatty, and then suddenly he goes silent. he sits up and kisses you in the same pattern every night: both cheeks, forehead, nose, then chin.

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Rule: Tag 10 Followers you would like to get to know better! tagged by @tipsydipsydo ♡ . Name: Myra Gender: Female Hogwarts House: I've never watched or read Harry Potter, don't attack me pleaasseee Favourite Animal: KOALAS (monkeys are a close second) Current time: 12:52 P.M (EST) Cat or Dog: Hmm, that's a hard one but I'll go with dogs because cats get a little too sassy for me. [Verse 3] It's knowing that you're in my world that makes my world complete I love to watch you sleep 'Cause I love to see you dream.BTS Jimin reacts to his surprise birthday song in a new Bangtan Bomb video released on Nov R didn’t win the WBC He would caress your hair, kissing you on your cheek and forehead now and then He's got the.You started to feel so tired.

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The moment you got comfortable on the sofa laying halfway down, Jimin gets on top of you, head cuddled into your chest. “Thank you, Y/N. I love you.” he says as he looks up to steal a kiss from you. “Anytime, babe!” you answer, gently letting your hand wander through his hair as he curls up on top of you.

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BTS have made history (Picture: CBS) BTS have returned to The Late Late Show with James Corden – but this time, as Grammy nominees.. The K-pop kings have made history with their nomination for.

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You murmured, turning your head to the side. "Baby, you've been sleeping for too long.". Taehyung pouted, looking down at your drowsy form, "I want attention". Your eyes fluttered open at his words, and sure enough, he was leaning over you, face hovering just inches from yours. "I'm sleepy".

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Just for you. // f. yoongi begs you to stay longer in bed. Close your eyes. I'm your paradise. // f , m. a whole thing about yoongi kissing you and you kissing him. Warm inside. // f. yet another one that features yoongi being cute in bed. Bath card. // f. yoongi gets worried because you're sick.

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BTS became the first Korean pop, or K-pop, group to perform on SNL. Korean pop music has been steadily growing in popularity. But BTS has elevated the genre into an international movement.

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BTS In An Argument But you didn’t even look at him, you just walked out The whole thing feels a little exploitative — Davey Wavey, the BTS Jimin reacts to his surprise birthday song in a new Bangtan Bomb video released on Nov BTS reaction to you sleeping with a stuffed animal BTS reaction to you sleeping with a stuffed animal..

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The members confessed sleeping late, followed by regrouping for a VLive to celebrate Kookie's birthday and then heading to the studio. Now, V shared a clip to reveal that Kookie was exhausted.

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